AutoCamp Yosemite Featured in Interior Design Magazine

Overlooking the Sierra Nevada Mountain, a pristine campsite called AutoCamp provides the outdoor experience with high-end designed lodging. Interior Design Magazine featured the modern hospitality project in their November 2019 issue.

AutoCamp, designed by Anacapa Architecture and Geremia Design, features 102 suites of luxury tents and cabins creating an outdoor hotel experience for those who want to lodge in luxury after a hike through nature. The stay includes amenities such as Tempur-Pedic mattresses, air-controlled rooms, and Wi-Fi, plus clubhouse areas for group activities.

Photography by Aaron Leitz

The clubhouse was designed uniquely for Yosemite, although there are two other AutoCamp locations. The designers felt it was important to connect the design to the personality of the setting in which the project is built. Pine was used throughout to embrace the location’s surrounding textures, while metal and concrete were used to accent the space for continuity of other AutoCamp locations.


Juniper’s THIN Modular Lighting System was installed in the clubhouse as contemporary picture lighting and a linear pendant light over a central wooden table. The oxidized blackened brass finishes of Juniper’s minimalist light fixtures complement modern elements found throughout the space’s design.


“The entire project feels like an extension of Yosemite. It’s a comfortable entry point to opening yourself up to nature. Maybe it’s drinking the Kool-Aid to call it an “experience,” but then again, there aren’t many places where you can hike to the top of a 2,000-foot waterfall, then come down to sleep on a memory foam mattress wrapped in organic cotton sheets.”

-Interior Design Magazine

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