FAQ: Mounting Options for the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System

The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System has been growing in popularity for commercial and hospitality spaces, replacing fluorescent lighting with our high-output contemporary LED system. Many designers have requested alternate ways to install the system to work with their space’s requirements, so we’ve developed a few options to cater to specific needs.

Metropolis Wall to Wall Standard Mounted Orientation

Wall-to-Wall Mounted Lighting

The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System began as (you guessed it) a wall-to-wall installation. With parallel or perpendicular walls, users can span the system across a room or in an L shape using a corner attachment. Two end pieces mount to walls and use suspended anchors along the fixture for added support. The drop height of your fixture is customizable to fit your space.

Juniper Wall to Wall Suspended Orientation with parallel walls

Suspended Lighting

In the event that users don’t have parallel walls, or do wish to span the length of their space, we offer a suspended installation option. The fixture is suspended with supports from the space’s ceiling. The fixture’s ends are capped with finished brass pieces to match the supports and light module crossbar finishes.

Juniper Metropolis Wall to Wall Ceiling Mounted for spaces without parallel walls

Ceiling-Mounted Lighting

For a more substantial and industrial installation aesthetic, users can mount the fixture to the ceiling. This is a similar installation to a suspended mounting, but the fixture’s central black piping is continued upward and integrated into the ceiling.

The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System offers many customizable solutions to fit the needs of any residential, commercial, or hospitality setting. Contact our team for a price quote or design inquiry.

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