5 Contemporary Vanity Lighting Designs for a Bathroom

There are many ways to design vanity lighting, which is why we rounded up 5 of our favorite modern bathroom vanity installations. From aesthetics to function, vanity lighting has to bring the design of the space together as well as render colors properly and be bright enough for morning routines.

1. Minimal Installations

Used to accent your mirror and bathroom space, the THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light features a reduced 1/2-inch profile. LED light segments magnetically install into the fixture to freely rotate inside mounting hardware. This enables the light to rotate toward the user when using the vanity, or light can rotate toward the wall to wash ambient lighting in the space. For larger mirrors, THIN light segments can connect end-to-end for a contemporary vanity lighting solution.

2. Lighting Bordering a Mirror

For mirrors on larger walls, designers can install wall wash lighting that borders the mirror using the THIN Primaries Wall-Mounted Rectangle. Using the same technology as our signature THIN System, 1/2-inch light segments are fully rotatable and modular to reach any dimension. We’ve incorporated angled corner pieces to create geometric shapes such as Triangles, Squares, Rhombi, Hexagons, Octagons, and Rectangles.

3. High-Output Vanity Lighting

For dark spaces, we recommend installing the Metropolis Wall Sconce for high-output vanity lighting either beside the mirrors, or above, to provide ample illumination for your modern bathroom design. The Metropolis Wall Sconce is able to independently dim both hemispheres of the module for direct and indirect lighting.

4. Lighting Between Mirrors

For a pair of basins or public bathroom settings, multiple mirrors may be installed. Use the THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light between each mirror to create a line of repeating fixtures for a minimal and contemporary bathroom design.

5. Industrial Modern Lighting

Inspired by the industrial aesthetics of the 19th-century, the Axis Collection utilizes solid bronze angles to run alongside a central light array. The Axis Wall Sconce focuses on a solitary array cast through a faceted acrylic lens for diffused vanity lighting when installed beside a bathroom mirror. Its bronze backplate is simple and refined, showcasing Juniper’s luxurious finishes.

About Juniper

Juniper designs contemporary lighting solutions for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces worldwide. Aside from our original lighting collections, we cater to custom projects and large-scale installations. To work with us on your next project, contact our team or join our trade program.

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