THIN Suspended Linear Light Installed in West Rose Restaurant

West Rose, a new restaurant in Ellicottville, New York, has chosen to accompany their terrazzo-topped bar with Juniper’s THIN suspended linear light. Executive chef Brad Rowell, designer Caryn Dujanovich, and chef Anthony Petricilli co-own the establishment, which aims to provide ‘a gathering place for all’ through delicious, affordable, and seasonally inspired dishes.

Similarly to Juniper, West Rose finds beauty in simple details. By running the THIN Suspension parallel to the bar and flooring, designer and stylist Caryn Dujanovich elongates the space, inviting guests to mozy in and bask in the simple and soothing surroundings. Rounded fireplaces and built-in seating softly contrast with the linear ceiling and geometrically bricked walls. A unique, stucco host stand highlights a subtle Mediterranean influence, seen also on the menu, in dishes like house-made hummus with smoked brisket.

In collaboration with West End Interiors, Dujanovich brings warmth and sophistication to the minimal, airy design through repetition of shapes and textures. Machined by hand in solid brass, the finish of the THIN Suspension matches details elsewhere, including a brass beer tap, overhead spotlights, and the baseboard of a secondary, rounded white bar. Bentwood barstools and archways throughout the building provide a setting that calls back to history while encouraging enjoyment of the ‘here and now’.

The THIN Modular Lighting System, designed by Peter Bristol, is the perfect choice to complement an old world-meets-new world aesthetic. Available in 24 or 36-inch segments, the THIN can be modified to meet a variety of lengths and shapes. Whether hovering delicately over a long bar, running vertically beside a vanity, subtly providing an under-cabinet glow, or hanging as a one-of-a-kind chandelier, the versatility of the THIN System gives designers a chance to incorporate lighting that is made to fit their space.

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