Design Milk on AutoCamp Yosemite

Design Milk has taken notice of one of our latest projects, AutoCamp Yosemite. The 35-acre site, designed by Anacapa Architecture and Geremia Design, overlooks the Sierra Nevada Mountain landscape and offers guests amenities to accompany a nature-focused experience.

Autocamp Yosemite is a kind of design-forward, easy minimalism that doesn’t feel unnatural or out of place amongst more campy, dark wood lodges run by the National Park Service here.

Design Milk


The space was designed to integrate with its surrounding wooded area, focusing its materials on exposed pine and weaving in modern concrete and metal accents. The 4,000 square foot clubhouse showcases these materials with Juniper’s designs as a modern picture light and linear pendant in Black Oxide finish.

Offering Tempur-Pedic mattresses, temperature-controlled spaces, and Wi-Fi, guests are encouraged to venture into the area’s landmarks and sights, then come back to a comfortable setting to recharge for the next day of adventure. AutoCamp Yosemite is the latest addition to the network of outdoor hotel experience locations, effectively redefining the human connection with nature in today’s world.

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