Company History

Since its time as an early pioneer in the Brooklyn lighting scene, Juniper has created simple, quality fixtures through a philosophy of reduction, user experience, and technological advancement. Immersed in lighting from a young age, Shant Madjarian founded the company in 2011 while seeking a deeper connection to his passions or art, design, and culture from a thirteen-year career in banking and finance. Madjarian used childhood knowledge from working at his family’s custom lighting factory in Montreal to begin Juniper, with the goals of taking traditional lighting practices and transforming them into the most essential and efficient lighting possible.


Early on, Juniper crystallized into a studio operation based in Industry City, Brooklyn. With a focus on innovative design and impeccable craftsmanship, the company gained momentum in bringing forth essential lighting for a multitude of spaces and uses. Juniper utilizes quality materials and oldworld metal finishing practices to deliver products that improve with age. The combination of craftsmanship and technological advancement has culminated into a design practice that is collaborative and solution focused. Juniper’s in-house designers work with the latest in LED technology to produce system-based lighting that is sleek, efficient, and user friendly.


In 2020, Juniper moved and expanded operations to a new headquarters in Southington, Connecticut. Now, under one roof for the first time, manufacturing, machining, finishing, assembly, operations and management all collaborate to put out simple, quality fixtures for a high-end client experience. In addition, Juniper has opened a stunning SoHo Showroom: a brick and mortar space to continue connecting with their beloved New York design community.

About Us

Juniper is a design and manufacturing company dedicated to producing thoughtfully-designed and meticulously engineered lighting solutions. Since its time as an early pioneer in the Brooklyn lighting scene, Juniper has created simple, high quality fixtures through a philosophy of reduction, user experience and technological advancement. The company is as much a provider of services as it is products, as the Juniper team works closely with clients to develop individualized solutions to fit their needs. In 2020, Juniper completed renovation on a 100-year old mill building on the Quinnipiac River in Southington, CT, transforming it into a state-of-art manufacturing center and new company headquarters. And, a new showroom in Soho provides a continuous link to the New York design community. JUNIPER’s collection of advanced LED lighting is used in retail, office, residential and hospitality spaces worldwide.

Working With Us

Juniper encourages clients to reach out for collaborations and custom solutions. Their system-based lighting is capable of growth, expansion, and customization as seen in hotels, restaurants, commercial spaces, and residential properties across the globe. Contact their seasoned Sales team for inquiries and opportunities. Guests can book an appointment at the Soho Showroom