What To Look For When Buying A Task Lamp


Although the population has shifted from paper trails to digital footprint, a task lamp is still a staple on anyone’s desk or bedside table. To keep up with changing interior aesthetics, lighting manufacturers are now upping their design. Task lamps have

3 Things To Avoid When Cleaning Light Fixtures


Juniper uses high-quality materials for our light fixtures. Our THIN System is crafted from solid brass, our Metropolis Collection is made from aluminum for heat distribution, and our Axis Collection features solid bronze. Although it may sound daunting, caring for all of these fixtures is actually quite simple.

Top 5 Advantages Of Switching To LED


The sustainability movement has rapidly increased in 2018, especially among millennials. But everyone is certainly encouraged to contribute their part. One act as simple as switching to LED lamping can help save our planet and actually has benefits in your space as well.