FAQ: Can I Store My Order at Juniper?


Ordering fixtures early is no problem at Juniper. Due to semi-flexible lead times with the potential for unforeseen delays, it's actually preferred that clients order lighting sooner than needed. If lighting is ready to ship prior to the client being ready to receive

FAQ: Do You Ship Worldwide?


All of our incredibly modular and technologically innovative light fixtures are suitable for worldwide use and power requirements. We work with retailers and trade members worldwide, and as a result, we can easily ship products across the globe.

FAQ: What Is a Light Segment?


Every Juniper fixture is fully assembled with all the parts needed for its function. This means that we provide the power supply (transformer), hardware, and a built-in LED strip within all light segments. The term "light segment" is referred to most commonly in

FAQ: How Far Can the Remote Driver Be Installed from the Fixture?


For many of our fixtures, we offer a local driver, when a junction box is in the ceiling above the fixture, or a remote driver, which can be installed away from the fixture, in a nearby utility closet, cabinet, basement, or attic no further than

FAQ: How High Do I Mount the THIN Surface Mount Above Wall Art or a Mirror?


When installing your THIN Surface Mount Picture Light or THIN Surface Mount Vanity Light, it's important to install it at the correct distance from your mounted display. Mount the lights too close and it could look cramped, mount it too far and your light may not

FAQ: Can I Use the Ground Control Toggle Switch with THIN System Products?


Inspired by the dials and switches of mid-century mission control rooms, the Ground Control Collection unites vintage aesthetics with modern functionality through a series of brass surface-mounted power accessories. The Ground Control Toggle Switch is the patriarch

FAQ: How Can I Create Custom Light Fixture Lengths For THIN Collection Products?


Custom lighting is what we do best at Juniper. We provide the ability to customize your fixture, from beautiful brass finishes to LED color temperatures and lens options. Customizing the length of your fixture is one of the most important features to make

FAQ: What Is the Difference Between Lens Finishes?


Juniper's lens finishes allow for custom light output for different configurations and uses. Although you can't go wrong with either Frosted or Clear options, we have recommended some common uses and guidelines for choosing the right lens finish for your light fixtures.

FAQ: Which Color Temperature Do I Need For My Space?


A common question is, "Which color temperature do I need for my space?" To determine this, you will need to understand the difference in color temperature options. The easy answer is, the lower the number, the more yellow the light output will be, the higher

FAQ: Does Juniper Offer NET 30 Terms?


NET 30 terms are a type of trade credit where the payment is due in full 30 days after the item is purchased. Juniper does not offer this service. Instead, unless otherwise specified on the order confirmation, the terms of payment for 2018 are as follows: