Peter Bristol

Designer Peter Bristol

Peter Bristol‘s work blends form with function in uniquely appropriate ways making products that are inherently recognizable. Peter is currently head of industrial design at Oculus. He was previously creative director of renowned Seattle-based product development consultancy Carbon Design Group.

THIN System Task Lamp Solid Brass Fixture from THIN System

Parallel to his work at Oculus, Peter partners with design focused companies to develop furniture, lighting and other goods, including Juniper. After all, it was here that the THIN lighting system was created.

Juniper Linear Lighting THIN Suspension in Black Oxide

Peter Bristol is the designer of the THIN lighting system, an ultra-low profile LED modular lighting solution that is manufactured in genuine brass materials. Suspended or wall-mounted, the THIN system can be interlocked, extended, expanded, and custom-configured to a number of orientations.

Juniper Lighting THIN Surface Mount Installation in Contemporary Bathroom

The highly-customizable system is available in a number of metal finishes, lengths, and has numerous additional options to choose from. The 1/2 inch diameter light segment packs a serious punch with a high-lumen output and dimmable capabilities for a completely custom mood.

THIN Shared Task Lamp in Black Oxide Finish , Modern Office Lighting
THIN Suspension and THIN Multiple Triad in Brass Finish
Modern Linear THIN Suspensions with adjusted drop heights