Frequently Asked Questions

Lighting can be tricky when it comes to electrical requirements, design standards, and safety codes. Fortunately, there’s no such thing as a dumb question! Visit this page anytime for the latest lighting how-to’s, tips, and frequently asked questions about our lighting collections. Still have questions? Contact us.

FAQ: Mounting Options for the Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System

The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System has been growing in popularity for commercial and hospitality spaces, replacing fluorescent lighting with our high-output contemporary LED system. Many designers have requested alternate ways to install the system to work with their space's requirements, so we've developed a few options to cater to specific needs. Wall-to-Wall Mounted Lighting The Metropolis Wall-to-Wall System began as (you [...]

FAQ: Where Can I See My Color Temperature Options?

With today's latest LED technology, designers are able to choose a fixture's color temperature. This determines the hue of the light cast from the fixture, ranging from amber to blue on the Kelvin scale. Lower numbers (ex. 2700K) will lean toward an amber glow found in candlelight, whereas higher numbers (ex. 4000K) will become more blue, resembling daylight. Depending on [...]

FAQ: How Do I Install a Long Fixture in a Straight Line?

Installing long, straight lines of light often frustrate contractors and electricians because no matter how precise the measurements, posts can appear slightly off, and disrupt the slim design. Our clients have come to us with this and we're proud to say we've developed a solution in response to the ongoing issue. We've created new ceiling posts for our suspended lighting [...]

FAQ: What is the Maximum Length of the THIN System?

Many clients ask the limits of the THIN System for custom projects. For many cases, longer runs of THIN Suspensions, THIN Multiples and custom shapes are used to bring dramatic design in a minimal silhouette to a space's design. The THIN System is essentially limitless in that sections can be added to elongate fixtures at run any incremental length of [...]

FAQ: Choosing Modern Under-Cabinet Lighting

Every kitchen design is different, and with that comes custom cabinetry, dimensions, materials, and countertops to consider. When choosing your modern under-cabinet lighting, it’s important to look for three things: minimal design, customizable lighting features, and modularity. Following these steps will make sure you choose the right lighting for your modern kitchen space. 1. Minimal Design Under-cabinet lighting is used [...]

FAQ: How Do I Choose a Power Supply? Our Power Supply Guide

We regularly get questions regarding power supplies. We understand they tend to be the most complex part of lighting, which is why we continue to simplify this option. We recommend discussing power supplies with your electrician or our team prior to purchasing if you're unsure of compatibility with your space and fixture.   What is a power supply? Understanding what [...]

FAQ: What is the Difference Between CRI and CCT?

A fixture's CRI and CCT are both very important. But what do these measurements mean? We're here to lay out exactly why they're important, and what you should be aiming for with your lighting. CRI (Color Rendering Index) and R9 Value   What does it mean? CRI, or Color Rendering Index, determines how accurately the lighting renders eight pastel colors. [...]

FAQ: Do You Offer Showroom and Factory Tours?

One of the benefits of creating hand-machined and hand-assembled lighting is having a facility where we can show our process to our clients and other lighting enthusiasts. We encourage individuals and groups of all sizes to come visit Juniper to see our contemporary lighting in person and see how our lighting is made. Our showroom and factory tours are by [...]

FAQ: Which Lens Finish Should I Choose for Modern Bathroom Vanity Lights?

Choosing the correct lighting for a modern bathroom vanity is imperative, as it should provide functionality and the proper design aesthetic for your space. Between clear or frosted lenses for modern bathroom vanity lights, we recommend a frosted lens finish due to its ability to diffuse a wider and softer beam of light. This omits shadows that could make subjects look unflattering [...]

FAQ: When Should I Use A Cable Collar for my Suspended Light Fixture?

Before we introduced our Cable Collars for THIN Linear Suspensions and THIN Primaries Suspensions, suspended fixtures from our THIN Modular Lighting System connected straight from the ceiling to the fixtures' joints. We recommend adding a Cable Collar to gather aircraft cables for a center-mounted option. This minimal accessory adds a cohesive brass aesthetic to your modern lighting installation. Suspended THIN Primaries Rhombus with [...]