THIN Chandelier

$8,250 $9,500

The THIN Chandelier is a complex modular LED fixture that appears to suspend weightlessly. Available in two sizes, the chandelier is made up of 24 minimal hinges connecting precision- machined ½-inch diameter brass tubes. Dimmable light arrays are manually articulated to form countless arrangements.

12-14 Week Typical Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.

This is the nominal size of the fixture. This is generally the total length, or longest dimension, in inches.

Contact us for finish samples or custom options.

Local power supplies require a local canopy to hold the power supply. Remote power supplies are compatible with more minimal hardware because power supplies are located

Large fixtures or order quantities may be shipped on pallets. Contact us for other shipping solutions.

THIN Chandelier in Raw Brass
Articulating THIN Chandelier Aerial Dimensions