THIN Multiples Dyad Vertical

$1,190 $3,330

The THIN Multiples Dyad Vertical features two 1/2-inch light segments in a stacked arrangement. Magnetic connections enable LED light segments to rotate 360° to adjust direct and direct lighting independently. Longer lines of light can be created by connecting sections together. Contact us for longer runs or custom needs.

8-10 Week Lead Time*
*Lead time subject to change based on order and stock quantities.


Pricing applicable to United States and Canada only.
Shipping not included for Alaska and Hawaii.

The nominal length of a light tube from center to center. Contact us if you need custom dimensions.

Light segments magnetically join together through connecting hardware to create longer and potentially infinite lengths. For longer lengths or custom dimensions, please contact us.

Contact us for finish samples or custom options.


Local power supplies require a local canopy to hold the power supply. Remote power supplies are compatible with more minimal hardware because power supplies are located