THIN Modular Lighting System

The THIN Modular Lighting System showcases minimal and contemporary 1/2-inch diameter LED segments. Precision-machined in solid brass, segments are magnetically connected to create custom lengths and shapes for residential, hospitality, and commercial settings. Available in suspended, wall-mounted, and pendant configurations, the THIN Modular Lighting System offers a contemporary and minimal solution for unique needs.

Magnetic Connections

Juniper Lighting Modern Magnetically Connecting Light Segments-Modular-Lighting-System

The THIN Modular Lighting System uniquely showcases LED light segments with magnetic ends in both suspended and surface-mounted configurations. Segments snap in and out of fixtures for easier installation, repair, and adjustment.

Rotatable Lighting

Minimal Modern Juniper Lighting THIN Surface Mount in Black Oxide-Modular-Lighting-System

Light segments can freely rotate a full 360° after installation because of their innovative magnetic connection. This allows for direct and indirect lighting to turn light up toward a ceiling, down onto a workstation, and angling picture and vanity lights to adjust as needed.

THIN System Extendability

The THIN Modular Lighting System’s precision-machined solid brass hardware offers flexibility to extend lighting. Infinitely connect segment upon segment for bordering rooms, hallways, and countertops. Corner pieces allow for custom geometric or linear shapes. Juniper also offers X and T connections for ladders and grids.

Custom Lighting System Features

The LED segments of the system can be easily customized to fit your space. Juniper offers a choice of lengths, brass finishes, light color temperatures, lens finishes, and hardware options. With all of these adjustable options, users create contemporary architectural lighting to fit any and all spaces.

Architectural Installations

THIN System hardware works together as a cohesive system to create custom shapes. Combine straight pass-throughs, corner pieces, and end pieces to create custom suspended and wall-mounted fixtures for unique interior designs with contemporary lighting solutions. For assistance with creating new configurations of the system, or if you have general lighting or electrical questions, please contact our team.