THIN Suspension Featured in La Renommée by YODEZEEN

The La Renommee project in Moscow is a 164 square meter apartment located in a modern residential complex.  The space has been beautifully redesigned by the team at YODEZEEN and recently featured on Archello.  Brass elements are incorporated throughout the home, including the master bedroom where the THIN Suspension accents the space.

Photography by Sergey Krasyuk

The designers at YODEZEEN made the master bedroom the same color palette as the living room.  The bedroom features a work space next to the “sleeping area is connected with a long horizontal lamp.”  The THIN Suspension provides light and the brass detail the designers incorporated throughout the apartment.

The THIN Modular Lighting System, designed by Peter Bristol, is the perfect choice to complement an old world-meets-new world aesthetic. Available in 24 or 36-inch segments, the THIN can be modified to meet a variety of lengths and shapes. Whether hovering delicately over a desk, running vertically beside a vanity, subtly providing an under-cabinet glow, or hanging as a one-of-a-kind chandelier, the versatility of the THIN System gives designers a chance to incorporate lighting that is made to fit their space.

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